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Thursday, April 24, 2014

What is [FOB]

[FOB] or Fellowship of Believers is a co-op of Christian clans and individual Christian gamers to create a safe place to fellowship in VoIP, in game, and on the forums. We are not a clan nor do we plan to become one in the future. That is not our purpose. We simply provide a safe place for other Christians to fellowship and play.

[FOB] Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a safe, clean, God centered place for Christian gamers/clans to come together and play/talk/fellowship without worrying who exactly they are interacting with. We want to be a place that parents feel comfortable being a part of and letting their kids be a part of. We don't want to stop there, however, we want people to see by the way we play and run our servers that we're different from the rest of the gaming community. It should be obvious without looking at the name that we are all Christian gamers.

Member Structure

[FOB] really has three groups of people in it.

Group one is leadership. Leaders are chosen, not based on clans, but based on maturity and sound doctrine. A clan leader is not guaranteed a position in the [FOB] Leadership Team.

Group two is clan members. Clan members belong to a clan that is an [FOB] partner. They are given access on the word of their clan leader. The clan leader will be held responsible for taking care  of any mishaps caused by a given member.

Group three is comprised of members from non-partner clans and individual gamers that aren't tied to a clan. The [FOB] Leadership Team is directly responsible for dealing with the actions of these members.

Get Involved

If you are an individual who would like to get involved with [FOB] the best place to start it the forums. Register, get to know us, come into voip, play with us. If you're in a clan let them know about us.

If you are a leader of a Christian clan and would like for your clan to be a part of [FOB] let us know. We would be glad to have you. I would reccommend running it by your clan before joining.

If you have a server or an old computer laying around with fairly fast internet you are welcome to become a server host. As of this moment all [FOB] servers are hosted by individually owned servers and managed/configured by the Technical Team.


Teamspeak Status

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